40 custom emoji for your Discord server, website, or anything you'd like!
All images are 512x512 for best quality.
6779 downloads so far!

MOREmoji stickers now available on Society6!

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ahegao.png cold.png coy.png cringe.png down.png
eww.png facepalm.png forcedsmile.png heybby.png horror.png
hot.png irritated.png kawaii.png kirakira.png maniacal.png
nervous.png ninja.png o3o.png ohnoes.png owo.png
owocat.png owocry.png owonervous.png owosneaky.png pirate.png
pout.png puke.png pwease.png really.png smug.png
snrk.png squee.png trepidation.png unimpressed.png uwu.png
wat.png weep.png wtf.png yawn.png zombie.png

Also, for those interested, here are some extra pride flags. 🏳️‍🌈
Please note that some flags may be slightly off-scale to allow for small details
to be visible when emoji are shrunk down (such as when used in Discord).
1100 downloads so far!

If there are any missing that you think should be here, please shoot me an email.

Download PNGs    Download SVGs
(Downloads could take a minute...)
agender.png aromantic.png asexual.png bigender.png bisexual.png
demiboy.png demigirl.png deminonbinary.png demisexual.png genderfluid.png
genderqueer.png intersex.png lesbian.png neutrois.png nonbinary.png
originalpride.png pangender.png pansexual.png philadelphiapride.png polyamory.png
polysexual.png transgender.png